Single Story For Sale in Dorado Beach East

Published 23 May 14 03:29 PM | Unique Properties Lic. C-8246 

Swimming pool, Single Story

• 4,500 sq. ft., 6 bath, 5 bdrm single story - $2,000,000 - Hearing Offers

 -  Beautiful home at Dorado Beach East for sale! Villa Carbia 2000, single story, featuring 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, family room, swimming pool (5' deep), jacuzzi, terrace with roof, fully equipped kitchen, wine storage, laundry equipped, fenced, power generator, water tank, a/c inverter system. Come to see it. You'll fall in love with it! Call us today! 1-855-978-2272

Dorado Beach East is a top of the line neighborhood with family friendly amenities like: Water-Park, swimming pools, tennis courts, 3 miles of white sand beach, golf courses, soccer court, fitness center, clubhouse, spa, basketball courts, and much more fun!

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