FHA Loan limits will rise if YOU don't take action!

Published 16 September 11 09:15 AM | Unique Properties Lic. C-8246 

The National Association of Realtors is making a call to action for everybody. Congress will make the FHA loan limits higher and we need to let them know that this will affect the opportunities many buyers have to own their home and will make the housing market even slower. Click here to take action 


Here is the Letter from NAR:

 Tell Congress: Urgent Action Needed on FHA Loan Limits

In just two weeks, the availability of safe, affordable, reliable mortgage financing will diminish. If this happens, many of your clients run the risk of being priced out of the American Dream of home ownership. Even worse, this could hold back the housing recovery. Es Realtors, you know that well-qualified buyers don't need yet another hurdle to access affordable mortgage financing. We cannot let this happen Not in this market. Not now.

It is with a sense of urgency and purpose that we askyou to contact Congress today. 

Communicate clearly and as a powerful voice of expertise that a housing recovery depends on keeping mortgages affordable. Congress needs to prevent these higher loan limits from taking effect. 


We at Unique Properties know that we can make a difference if we work together!! www.UniquePropertiesPR.com 


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