2 Story For Sale in Dorado Beach East

Published 02 July 11 05:02 PM | Unique Properties Lic. C-8246 

Big Lot with Swimming Pool!!

• 4,705 sq. ft., 7 bath, 6 bdrm 2 story - $1,995,000 - Reduced!! Call us Today!!

 -  Beautiful House with excellent features. It is an extremely beautiful property, you have to see it for yourself. Big Swimming Pool, gazebo with kitchen, grill, and a guesthouse. 6 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms. Two master bedrooms with big bathrooms and walk-in closets. Each other bedroom has its own bathroom and big closet. Beautiful entrance with high ceilings. Great Family Room close to the kitchen and pool. Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and with modern cabinets. It also has a service bedroom.

Its located in the most exclusive neighborhood in Dorado: Dorado Beach East. with golf course, gym, swimming pools, beach, tennis courts, golf cart trails, lakes, clubhouse, and much more!

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