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Client Testimonials


Aida did a great job in helping me find the right home in Puerto Rico. She patiently showed me many properties so that I obtained a good understanding of the different areas. Her views on the elements of each area that would affect our quality of life were very helpful.

- D. Dean

Aida was a friendly professional with all the local connections to help me find my way in a new island life! She had multiple locations and price points as well as sharing what the lifestyle and neighbors would be like!

- B. Valentine

Aida is very professional, always looking for a win-win result for the tenant and the property owner. She is very committed to find the right customer even when the market is difficult.

- A. Galvis

The best in the business!!!! Really went the extra mile to get the deal done. She went above and beyond for me and my family, and for that we are forever grateful.

- G. Soto

If you are moving from the States to Dorado, Aida is an excellent resource. Our process was somewhat complicated, and Aida ended up being both our agent and effectively our mortgage servicing agent on our home purchase. We simply could not have done it without her, our neighbors think highly of her, and we are thrilled with the home we bought (and the price). Very highly recommended.

- D. Willis

Excellent professional and we became friends because we had so many interactions with my properties. She looked after my properties and my interests like they were hers. I will recommend her with the greatest enthusiasm to anyone who is interested in dealing with her. You will not find a better, more humane, more responsible or more dedicated person than Aida. Thank you!

- J. Westerband