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Dorado Beach Resort

Tranquility and Luxury Await

If you’re looking for luxury, nothing exceeds the stunning beauty and extravagance offered up by Dorado Beach Resort. An inspiration in relaxation, Dorado Beach Resort is a captivating, one-of-a-kind paradise situated along Puerto Rico’s pristine Caribbean coast.

From sun-drenched beaches and old-growth forests to open-air spas that reach the sky, Dorado Beach Resort oozes a sophisticated serenity. With picturesque beachfront homes, opulent palatial estates and golf-course homes set against inspiring mountain views, Dorado Beach Real Estate offers a life well-lived. Relaxing along the warms sands of a pristine coast, strolling along the 11-mile historic Rockefeller Trail or enjoying the myriad of modern amenities, residents and visitors alike appreciate Dorado Beach Resort for the extraordinary adventure it is.

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Dorado Beach Plantation Village Sub PH, Dorado Beach Resort

"Unique Sub-PH with Best golfcorse views"
City Dorado
Type Condominium
Bedrooms 5
25 photos
City Dorado
Size 6667 sq. ft.
Style 2 Story
Type Residential
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Taxes $6000
Condo Fee $1,600
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City Dorado
Size 2500 sq. ft.
Style 2 Story
Type Residential
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 5
Taxes $5000
Condo Fee $1,300
6 photos
(New Construction)

Dorado Beach Resort, Suite 00, Dorado Beach Resort

"Two story house starting at 1,725,000."
"Starting price 1,450,000."
City Dorado
Style Single Story
Type Residential
Built 2017